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International Concept Management is a leading project manager and builder of custom public aquariums and themed environments with a project portfolio that spans the globe. We manage the whole process from concept, design, engineering and construction through to start up and operations, guaranteeing the highest standards and quality control throughout.

Thanks to the ICM Design & Engineering division we can provide outstanding public aquarium projects. Offering not only the interior and specialized packages related to our specific expertise, but international standard design of the shell and core, to safely build state-of-the-art projects adapted to client needs. Our design and engineering team pushes the boundaries of creativity and includes the world’s most iconic mega fish tanks and oceanariums in public, institutional and commercial settings. ICM Construction & Planning division can generate a tailor-made project schedule for every project, taking into consideration all the relevant milestones of such specialized projects. The relevant project milestones include specific foundation design, water concrete production process, acrylic panel installations and animal introduction, all of which are key for a successful aquarium development.

Our ICM Development & Operations division owns and operates themed attractions, cylinder tanks and public aquariums worldwide. ICM Development strives to inspire and educate as we entertain our guests and provide them with a memorable experience. Every investor is welcome to partner with ICM at agreed upon shares, to feel comfortable with highly specific projects like these. The technical advantages you will have investing together with ICM, are the design and build knowledge for acrylic, aquatic filtration systems and animal safe care plus training all-in-one.

ICM team can help with choosing the best land for animal purposes and will work together to have all the necessary registers, boundaries delimitations, encumbrances such as long-term lease, country’s taxes, rights of servitude, mortgage and land’s certificate of ownership. For all of these details we will work together to secure project financing.


ICM provides liability studies from a public aquarium & zoological specialist perspective.


ICM is a specialist project management company already delivering turnkey projects worldwide.


ICM provides longstanding animal project financial studies experience.


ICM can work with investors to explore methods to raise funding.


ICM provides revenue generating “Encounter Activity” experience.


ICM Design & Engineering department can deliver world first projects, creating living art with global significance.

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