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Angkor Wildlife and Aquarium

Nestled in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Angkor Wildlife and Aquarium (AWA) stands as a remarkable destination where nature and fascination converge. With an expansive location along National Road 6, AWA offers a captivating realm for both locals and travelers. This visionary wildlife park and aquarium house thousands of animals, a testament to Cambodia’s commitment to global biodiversity. From vibrant marine life to captivating terrestrial creatures, AWA beckons visitors to explore the intricate beauty of our planet’s ecosystems.

LOCATION:                         AREA:                

Siem Reap, Cambodia        220,000 m2


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Main Tank Tunnel AWA Siem Reap

AWA presents a dual haven of wonder. The aquatic dimension boasts an array of over 100 species, including the enigmatic Mekong catfish and the graceful freshwater stingray. Meanwhile, the wildlife park hosts over 200 species, from Siamese crocodiles and bengal tigers, to smooth-coated otters and sun bears. Beyond its awe-inspiring displays, AWA is a stronghold of education and conservation, offering guided tours, interactive exhibits, and fostering vital habitat protection. For those who seek to be inspired by nature’s marvels, AWA provides an immersive experience that resonates deeply with the spirit of preservation.


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