Lotte World Aquarium Hanoi

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Lotte World Aquarium Hanoi

Lotte World Aquarium Hanoi brings a true element of wonder to Vietnam’s capital city. The public aquarium houses over 67 exhibits, many of considerable scale and complexity. The aquarium visitor route travels through many different themed zones, creating an engaging narrative to help educate as visitors are entertained. These zones take guests from the tops of mountains, across the lands, and to the depths of the seas. 

LOCATION:                      VOLUME:                

Hanoi, Vietnam                4,000,000 L 


Design & Engineering, Construction & Planning, Operations & Development

A 2,000,000 liter main saltwater tank serves as the heart of the aquarium with a spectacular 19x7m curved acrylic viewing window, plus demi tunnels and various other viewing windows. The second largest tank is dedicated to Mekong River creatures at a 570,000 L tank with a wide tunnel. Apart from this one all the rest of the tanks comprise special animals such as Otters, Penguins, or Sea Lions. The total floor area of the facility is 9,094 square meters with a central Food & Beverage Area being the heart of the project. This magnificent development at the Basement of the West Lake Lotte Mall is a award winning project by Benoy that will revitalize the whole northwest area of the city next to West Lake and Ciputra District. 

Discover more about the remarkable narrative underpinning this project, tracing its journey from conceptualization through to its developmental stages. Explore further details here.


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