Commercial Aquarium

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How does ICM create Commercial Aquariums?

Turn your business into an “unforgettable” customer shopping experience by adding an unexpected tank!

Our company receives worldwide requests from the most important businesses in the different regions to become a surprising place to shop or stay. These investors are usually interested in repeating the experience in different forms at their different branches to attract customers in the different cities.

ICM helped along decades different worldwide companies as “Rainforest Café” to develop their different café branches in Europe-America and Asia by helping them to create similar experiences surrounded by aquatic animals when having your café experience. Another successful long-term relationship for this type of tank was with “Scheels Sporting Goods” providing at most of their branches along USA a new and different welcoming experience by getting into the shops through unexpected, shaped tanks. These developments are usually configured by a unique shaped tank fitting at the shop/commercial space. These are the most limited tanks ICM can create but with a challenging shape which can only be developed with our engineer’s expertise. A careful selection of animals displayed is very relevant to avoid medium-term problems with their care and life as these tanks’ dimensions are limited.

With our design expertise we propose an overall idea linking the commercial concept with the tank’s shape, theming, and species to be an attraction from the day it opens. These types of projects usually require limited refurbishment and will generate a lot of visits due to the “wow factor”. At these projects we also provide a detailed exhibit lighting experience to become the second most important attraction of the shop after the client’s shopping experience. It is never late to add one of those tanks to your shopping experience as our range of specialists can offer engineering and architectural solutions to allow for any size to be built inside the business.


Dive into Distinctive Spaces: Crafting Identity through Aquatic Wonders.

Dive into Distinctive Spaces: Crafting Identity through Aquatic Wonders.

Dive into Distinctive Spaces: Crafting Identity through Aquatic Wonders

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Dive into Distinctive Spaces: Crafting Identity through Aquatic Wonders

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