Restaurant Aquarium

Unveiling ICM’s Artistic Restaurant Aquarium Concepts


How does ICM create Restaurant Aquariums?

Turn your restaurant into a city destination by adding an impressive tank!

Our company receives worldwide requests from the most important chefs and hospitality businesses from the different regions to become a different investor at their fields. They usually care about having a fresh and new experience when guests come into their restaurants as many tourists look for the underwater experience when visiting new cities.

These developments are usually configured by a unique and impressive tank fitting at the restaurant room and animals to be displayed have to be carefully selected to avoid medium-term problems with their care and life as these tanks’ dimensions are usually limited.

With our design expertise we propose an overall idea linking the restaurant concept with the shape and theme of the tank and species to be an attraction from the day it opens. These types of projects usually require limited refurbishment and will generate a lot of new revenue due to the Wow factor and because a tank is an always changing decoration. At these projects we also provide a detailed exhibit lighting experience to become the second most important attraction of the space after the dining experience. At this type we sometime partner with the most iconic world architects and designers. It is never late to add one of those tanks to your hospitality experience as our range of specialists can propose engineering and architectural solutions to allow for any size to be built inside the restaurant.


Where cuisine meets coral: An undersea dining adventure awaits

Luxury dining elevated by oceanic wonders

Unveiling ICM’s Artistic Restaurant Aquarium Concepts

Culinary adventures in an aquatic realm!

Where every meal is an underwater adventure!



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