Life Support System

Innovating Aquatic Ecosystem Sustainability

How does life support system work in an aquarium?

The life support system (LSS) within an aquarium functions as its vital heartbeat, meticulously curating an environment that mirrors the natural ecosystems of its aquatic inhabitants. Through a delicate interplay of filtration, circulation, and precise parameter control, the LSS upholds water quality, temperature, and oxygen levels essential for the thriving well-being of aquatic life.

Filtration stands at the core of the LSS, employing mechanical, biological, and chemical processes to purify water from debris and harmful compounds. Circulation ensures the uniform distribution of nutrients and oxygen, preventing stagnation and promoting a vibrant aquatic habitat. Temperature regulation preserves stability, while oxygenation guarantees the necessary exchange of vital gases. For marine setups, salinity and pH levels are meticulously managed, enhanced by UV sterilization and protein skimming to ensure water purity. Automated monitoring systems vigilantly oversee parameters, enabling timely adjustments, while quarantine and acclimation facilities facilitate the safe introduction of new inhabitants.

In essence, the LSS metamorphoses an aquarium into a thriving microcosm of aquatic life. It embodies a meticulous blend of scientific understanding and engineering finesse, meticulously crafting an environment that caters to the unique requirements of every resident. From the tiniest microorganisms to the most magnificent marine creatures, the LSS orchestrates a symphony of life, ensuring an enchanting and sustainable aquatic realm.

Filtration System

Aquarium Life Support

International Concept Management stands as a visionary force behind monumental aquarium designs globally. Anchored in longevity, we integrate unparalleled life support systems. Our installation objectives encompass economical operation, minimal energy usage, optimal system efficiency, operational adaptability, and unwavering longevity.

By crafting some of the world’s largest aquariums, International Concept Management blends innovation with sustainability. We breathe life into astonishing aquatic environments, backed by life support systems that ensure a healthy and thriving habitat for aquatic life. In our pursuit of excellence, we select and apply cutting-edge technologies to maintain water quality, temperature, and other crucial parameters.

Low Cost of Operation

Optimizing operational expenses promotes cost-effectiveness, enhancing the financial sustainability of aquarium management without compromising the well-being of aquatic inhabitants.

Low Energy Consumption

Efficient energy usage minimizes environmental impact, promoting sustainability and reducing costs for aquarium operation while ensuring optimal conditions for aquatic life.

System Efficiency

Enhanced system efficiency maximizes performance while minimizing resource consumption, resulting in streamlined operations that benefit both the environment and aquarium functionality.

Operating Flexibility

Flexible operation adapts to varying needs and scenarios, allowing seamless adjustments to maintain optimal conditions, ensuring the adaptability and well-being of aquatic ecosystems.


Sustained longevity ensures lasting value and functionality, safeguarding the investment and perpetuating the positive impact of the aquarium experience over time.

ICM’s Goal of engineering Public Aquarium Life Support System

Central to our mission is the meticulous design of aquarium living systems that stand as thriving aquatic ecosystems. Our dedicated engineering team introduces a comprehensive turnkey process to craft these aquatic habitats.

From inception to realization, International Concept Management ensures a seamless journey. The process commences with meticulous planning, followed by meticulous execution guided by detailed schematics. Every aspect, from the structural elements to life support systems, is carefully addressed during the construction phase.


Precise optimization ensures an ideal habitat, fostering vibrant ecosystems and safeguarding aquatic species’ well-being through meticulous parameter control.


Innovation drives groundbreaking designs, enhancing visitor experiences and advancing environmental awareness by pushing the boundaries of creativity.


Prioritizing health guarantees thriving aquatic life, promoting conservation and educational initiatives, and contributing to the longevity of diverse ecosystems.

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