Hamad Port Aquarium: Qatar's Pioneering Aquatic Treasure

Hamad Port Aquarium, nestled within the Visitor’s Centre at Hamad Port in Umm Al Houl, is Qatar’s first-ever public aquarium and a true pioneering treasure.

Bringing Ocean to Life

With a unique blend of design, diverse marine exhibits, and a strong emphasis on education and sustainability, this project is a testament to ICM’s expertise in turning ambitious concepts into tangible realities.

The aquarium space is designed to take visitors on a journey through various marine environments. As guests wander through the aquarium, they encounter a series of well-curated exhibits that provide a glimpse into the vast diversity of marine life.

Innovative Exhibit Design and Construction

One of the defining aspects of Hamad Port Aquarium is its diverse range of exhibits, each requiring careful planning and execution. ICM’s role in managing the construction of 17 unique tanks, with over 3,063 creatures representing 80 different fish and aquatic species, demanded a high level of technical skill and coordination. The construction process involved creating the infrastructure to support various marine habitats from the Arabian Gulf, Red Sea, and Indian Ocean, each with specific environmental requirements.

The Moon Jellyfish Tank, Touch Tank, Coral Reefs exhibit were among the notable attractions that ICM helped bring to life. The company ensured that these exhibits met strict safety and environmental standards while providing a captivating and educational experience for visitors.

Education and Conservation at the Core

Beyond its captivating displays, Hamad Port Aquarium is dedicated to education and sustainability. Interactive exhibits engage visitors through touch, sound, and sight, creating a multi-sensory learning experience. Educational programs and workshops explore marine biology, oceanography, and environmental sustainability, with the goal of raising awareness about the importance of marine conservation.


The Hamad Port Aquarium project demonstrates ICM’s capability to manage large-scale construction projects with a focus on innovative design, sustainability, and education. Through their work, ICM has contributed to creating a unique and captivating attraction that resonates with visitors and serves as a model for future aquatic projects.