Experienced Developer for Infrastructure Projects

ICM is committed to developing infrastructure projects in Myanmar. We oversee project origination, EPC management, financial structuring, and pre-financial close project development to bring these projects to a stage where they can attract both domestic and international financing. 

The aim is to stimulate greater private investment in infrastructure by developing projects and bringing them to a stage whereby they can attract domestic and international finance.

Infrastructure Development Services in Myanmar


ICM develops bankable projects up to international standard in a local Myanmar context. We add value to project development by successfully navigating local permitting processes and local regulations, while maintaining international standards.

Permitting and Technical Expertise

In developing projects, we have and continue to:

  • Steer though local processes including Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) approvals, environmental permitting activities, and land acquisition approaches, all of which can be obscured by rapid legal changes or  unclear direction.
  • Obtain updated information on local affairs, regulation changes, and current industry news from ICM’s local network.
  • Adhere to international Environmental and Social standards as well as strict Health and Safety policies. We ensure projects are screened for key environmental risks and we make community engagement a company priority from the beginning.
  • Engage regularly with International SOS for updated information to distribute team members engaged in site activities to ensure the most current security and safety information.
  • Apply our standards to engagements with our local partner and contractors, so that these safeguards are communicated across our projects, at all levels. By forging a meld of international EHS standard in a local context, this ensures long term value creation.
  • Work as a one-stop-shop for project technical expertise.

Capital Raising and Financial Due Diligence Services

ICM has experience in business modelling, budgeting, financial forecasting and valuations. We understand how financial investors, banks and development finance institutions assess a project. This is enables us to help design the business model, the legal and capital structure from the beginning and to develop the right investment thesis when raising capital. At financial close, we work with globally recognized and regional sources of debt and equity capital as part of our strategy to further mitigate the risk during construction and operation.

  • ICM has established a network and credibility among development finance institutions, local banks and impact investors and sources of funding.
  • ICM is able to identify the right investors based on their risk and return requirements as well as their desired sector exposure- this comes from our deep understanding of the relevant institutions’ financing criteria.

Community Engagement Support

ICM knows that electricity and infrastructure can transform the rural areas in many ways; providing reliable and sustainable access to electricity or improved infrastructure can change lives. But we also recognize that if a development company takes the wrong approach then a community may never accept a project. To that end, we tailor each project and ICM’s community engagement approach to meet the following goals:

Improve the Project’s Ability to Operate

We work for our sponsors to secure stakeholder agreement from the village to the highest levels of government.

Reach More Customers/Stakeholders

Achieve connectivity to enable a project to operate safely and efficiently.

Increase our Development Impact

Happy customers will be more productive and help improve their livelihoods.

Early public participation can minimize both the number and magnitude of social conflicts thus can maximize the positive project development impacts. Our approach informs, consults, involves, collaborates and empowers communities. The outcomes of a well-executed community engagement program are simple, but measurable. Our projects will have the following outcomes:

  • Communal support for plant operations.
  • High level of customer satisfaction.
  • Low O&M costs.
  • Repeatable toolkits and documentation for scale-up.
  • Safe, Efficient, and Reliable Operations.
  • Trusted mechanisms for conflict resolution.
  • Local Development Impact.



  • Renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Waste to energy


  • Fisheries
  • Agricultural farming
  • Cold storage


  • Road infrastructure
  • Urban planning
  • Logistics value chain


  • Power infrastructure
  • Rural electrification
  • Water and sanitation
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